Radar sensors for measurement of ground speed and traveled distance, as well as for the measurement of the length of trains
M. Joppich, P. Heide, R. Schubert, V. Mágori, SENSOREN - Technologie und Anwendung, Bad Nauheim 1994


Microwave Doppler sensors allow to measure speed and traveled distance over ground of moving trains precisely, non-contact and without slippage. They are also referred to as radar sensors. Mounted on fixed racks along railway tracks microwave Doppler sensors allow to measure the length and the speed of trains passing by with high precision. The length of the passing trains is of relevance to railway signaling systems. The amplitude distribution and the phase signals could possibly be used for a classification of trains. New production technologies for the microwave key components make these sensors cost efficient and small. Intelligent algorithms and model based signal processing are efficient tool to cope with the high security demands in railway technology.

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