Edge density X-mode reflectometry of RF-heated plasmas on ASDEX
R. Schubert, F. Braun, J. Gernhardt, F. Hofmeister, F. Leuterer, M. Münich, J.-M. Noterdaeme, F. Wesner, Controlled Fusion and Plasma Physics, Amsterdam, 1990; pp. 1552-1555 


RF heating methods need special diagnostics to help better understand the interaction of the wave with the plasma. Of particular interest is the influence of the wave on the edge plasma in the direct vicinity of the RF heating antenna. One important parameter in this context is the electron density, which can be measured by means of microwave reflectometry. In this paper we describe a fast X-mode reflectometer installed on ASDEX. We present measurements of the edge density profile in the range  1011 cm-3 < ne <  1.5 *1013 cm-3.


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